3 Easy Steps To Create HTML Tabs For Beginners

Previously, we discussed creating an Accordion using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. In today’s article, we will look at how we can create HTML tabs from scratch. Many of us are familiar with Tabs.

How To Create Accordion Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

What is an Accordion In HTML? An Accordion is an element in the website that consists of a vertically stacked list that can be expanded or collapsed to reveal the actual content. Basically, an accordi

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What is a Button? Buttons are the interactive UI element in the websites or web applications that directs website visitor to perform some actions. For e.g the Login button on the Facebook website allo

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In our previous article, we’ve discussed how to create a vertical navigation menu for our web projects. Similarly, we’ve also learned to use google fonts and font awesome icons in our prog

How To Create Vertical Navigation Menu Using HTML and CSS?

Creating a Vertical Navigation Menu Vertical Navigation Menu or let’s say navbar in short is a type of menu that we are familiar with. These types of menu bars are often seen while visiting webs

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Google’s Logo Isn’t It Cool? Today we will learn to create Google’s Logo using HTML and CSS. Creating a Google Logo will be a fun project for you as a beginner. You will learn to use